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Meet Lena Báez .

By CanvasRebel

"Art is an open space to be vulnerable, to tell stories, and to feel, and I find that very rewarding as an artist. Through movies, I can open the doors to new adventures and new worlds, and I can convey metaphors and play with colors, textures, and delve deep into emotions. I am passionate about the many elements that can be used to express a feeling, and only art can accomplish that."


Daily Inspiration: Meet Lena Báez

By Voyage LA

"I recognize that directing is my passion. When I look into a script, I like to dig deeper into the characters and their mentality. It is through them that we feel close to the story because, in one way or another, they capture our humanity. A movie is not just a continuous pattern of images, a movie for me is the freedom of speech that helps me as an artist to talk about what not everyone wants to talk about, the taboo subjects that our society pretends to ignore. "

Cineasta ecuatoriana Lena Báez se abre camino en EE.UU.

Mundo Diners

By Víctor Vergara

"Los temas sociales considerados tabúes o muy sensibles son parte de las historias de interés de Lena. A la vez, se adapta a muchos formatos audiovisuales. Ella pone de ejemplo su trabajo como productora y directora de videoclips junto al dúo de rock/grunge californiano Tarah Who?, donde se plasman ideas de empoderamiento femenino."

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Lena Báez, la cineasta ecuatoriana radicada en Estados Unidos

Periódico D'Una

"El cine es mi pasión, me parece que eso es una ventaja para mí. Me motiva escribir y narrar historias"


Behind the Video: Tarah Who? Tells Us All There is to Know about the “Manners” Music Video.

V13 Interview

By Christopher Gonda 

"I’m not against the norms, but I believe that we shouldn’t let them interrupt the flow of who we are and whom we want to be." 

Meet Lena Báez

Voyage LA Interview

"Success is not about the highest rank you can get at your career or how well you are known. Success is about you, and if you are the best person, you want to be. Are you surrounded by the people you love, family and friends? Are you happy in the way you look at yourself? Are you where you want to be? Doing what you want to do? If yes to all, then you are successful because everything else just comes and goes."


Meet Lena Báez | Film Director & Writer

Shoutout LA Interview

"The most fulfilling moments of my life come from taking risks. I genuinely prefer making mistakes to the feeling of regret. The idea that I could have experienced something or learned something new without living them, haunts me, because I will never do and I think “what a waste”."

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