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Lena Báez is a 27 year old passionate Ecuadorian film director, producer and writer based in the city of Los Angeles. As a sympathetic artist, Lena Báez employs the tools of filmmaking and psychology to explore social issues, mental disabilities and taboo subjects present in our society through her stories. In 2021, two of her music videos: “Bad Time” and “Supposedly a Man” were officially selected by The Grammys for the “Best Music Video” category. Lena Báez directed and conceptualized the idea of both projects that got more than 85K views on YouTube. Her latest work “Distorted Mirrors” went further and beyond in 2022. It was projected at TCL Chinese Theater with the collaboration of the Golden State Film Festival. Additionally, the filmmaker was given the Golden Award for “Best Director” by the New York film festival, Best Actor and Director Awards and the winning award of “Best Female Director” by the Medusa Film Festival. Today, as an award- winning director, Lena Báez, is actively dedicated to the exploration of more stories.


Hope you enjoy the content. Welcome! 


Film Director

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