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Film Director


I'm a passionate film director from Ecuador. My movies are the focus of different types of audiences; I strongly believe in the need of telling stories that are taboo for society, real stories from the human perspective, stories that might seem simple and ordinary but highly representative of the beauty of human thoughts, emotions, and actions and I use psychology as my foundation to approach stories in the most accurate way. I embrace the philosophy that movies come from the voice of the people, and that there are still many more to be listened. My purpose is to speak from the truth.


I graduated from New York Film Academy - Los Angeles and since then I've been making movies, music videos, and ads. Throughout my career, I learned that the basis for a good production has to do with the collaboration between crew members and the cast. I'm best known for my latest narrative “The Family Album”, a family story that won the recognition and nomination of many festivals including the category of "Best Female Director of the Month"  from DMOFF. When it comes to music, my most fresh project is "Supposedly a Man"  a music video that I directed for the dynamic punk-rock band, Tarah Who?  which displays a very energetic and fun choreography in black and white combined with the exceptional performance of the singer and guitarist Tarah and the drummer Coco.

More is to come, stay tuned!


Hope you enjoy the content. Welcome! 

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